Harem Currency and Precious Metals, Inc. provides its institutional clients with seamless and effortless service regarding all their foreign-exchange needs. Offering our clients products and services meeting their needs under a transparent, clear, and responsible approach, we continuously improve customer experience.

Such services include expert-level currency trading and exchange-rate fixing, tailored to the business needs of the particular corporate client. We offer the opportunity to conduct retail and wholesale transactions easily and securely, with a best-price guarantee in more than 50 currencies, to institutions including manufacturers, importers, exporters, and tourism establishments, among others.

It is essential for Harem Currency and Precious Metals, Inc. to act responsibly in all its operations and on all links of the value chain. We operate in conformity with our industry’s conventions and its civil and governmental institutions. We are cognizant of our responsibility not to be associated in any way with participation in money laundering, terrorism finance, or human rights violations at any point of the supply chain. With its focus on customer satisfaction and “know your customer” principle, Harem Precious Metals Group pays utmost attention to securing the privacy of your information.

Our enterprise tries to always add value to its institutional clients. In an effort to help our clients realize cost savings, we follow financial markets and provide customer support 24/7.

Using the exchange-rates screen of Harem Precious Metals Mobile, all major currencies of the world can be monitored live. There you can display bid and ask quotes on the user-friendly screen, track instant exchange-rate changes easily, and make detailed calculations with the currency conversion tool.



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